Behold, the Power of the Poof! (Inspired by my friend, Robyn Jones)

I often talk about having a little life. In many ways, my existence can be quantified by a single tiny dot amongst a sea of other tiny dots populating a quite lovely, mostly blue, big dot floating in space with a bunch of other big dots. It could almost be said that life is just a lengthy game of connect the dots. A narrow line here, a bold line there. A curved series of dashes passing up one dot for another, while some dots just keep to themselves.

Our reach rarely runs in a straight line, or a curvy one, for that matter. And, dashes? Well, dashes are another story entirely. I’ve had quite the number of dashes in my life, as I’m sure you have, too. Fortunately, humanity is a bit more interesting than geometry (sorry, geometry) and much more messy than grammar could dare to dream, despite all its rules about breaking rules except when breaking rules about rules (sorry, grammar).

No, we humans relate in a manner I would like to call The Poof. Do you remember, as a child, picking dandelions that had gone to seed? You held it in your hand, blew until the little pods were airborne, and “Poof,” the world became magic and anything was possible. Just catch one of those little fuzzies in your hand, and all your dreams and wishes would come true.

Now, imagine you’re the dandelion. Every little part of you is brimming with potential. The wonder that is you just needs to be let loose on the world.  Sometimes God sends you out on a gentle breeze, and sometimes on a breathtaking gust of wind. Either way, you have to take flight before you can land and, once you land, the real adventure begins.

Sometimes we land on a healthy patch of ground during a sun-kissed spring, and we enjoy a steady, easy growth. Sometimes we land in a rock garden, and we have to fight our way up to the sun. At other times, we land in the desert. During our desert days, we grow in faith, living in hopes of a bit of shade, a bit of water, and for life to rise up within us once again. And it does, eventually. Then, after a few seasons, we learn from our ease, and we learn from our suffering. Once again, the wind blows and we land next to another little seed, and we get to be the shade and the water.

The world needs you, and all of the seasons of life lessons you have to offer. Somewhere, a little part of someone else is trying to dream, trying to survive. They don’t need you to draw a curvy line in the opposite direction. They need you to go Poof, and land where God wants you. Wherever you land is where you need to be, if only for a little while.

So, go out there and get your poof on!




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