Choosing Joy

This close to Christmas, we all need to remember to CHOOSE JOY! 🙂


4296_1137223503777_70674_nWe all have “bad” days now and then, right? Perhaps you’re having one today – maybe you’ve locked your keys in the car, spilled your once-a-week mocha treat down your blouse minutes before “the big meeting,” or, in the rush of a hectic morning, forgot to pack little Joey’s lunch.

You roll your eyes, heave a sigh, and maybe even let out a little chuckle, and you keep moving. At some point later in your day, you open up Facebook and inevitably scroll down to a cute little kitten meme with some profound words of wisdom sprawled across it’s fuzzy little body in a sickeningly cute little font. And you laugh in spite of yourself and your “bad” day. We’ve all been there, right?

But, today, I want to talk to you about the really bad “bad” days. You know, the ones that leave us with little, if any, joy…

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